A couple of weeks ago, Amy wrote a post that garnered a good bit of local attention. It was titled "South Florida: Don't Move Here." Here's a sample:

Bottom line: living here ain't what it used to be. But people gotta live. Some of us have our whole families down here, all our friends, our whole histories are tied up with this place. We're trying to make it down here, but the pressure's on. The benefits are evaporating and it's getting harder and harder just to live from day to day.

And so today, it was with no surprise whatsoever that I read the following article, titled "Florida ranks last in pay for state employees." Some of the stories were sickening.
TALLAHASSEE - Eight years ago Kelvin Haywood needed surgery for a dislocated spine after he was choked unconscious by an inmate at the state hospital where he works. He's still being tested for HIV and hepatitis since another inmate bit him on his upper arm a year ago.

His pay for dealing with dangerous inmates: $24,000 a year.
But here's where the state's priorities lie. More tax cuts. We just passed a massive tax cut, even though we're busily defunding higher education and pretty much every other state institution, and now the state is proposing another 25% porperty tax cut on top of that, with only a portion to be made up by a 1% sales tax.

Don't move to Florida? More like "get out of Florida before it descends into chaos." Citizens here aren't getting services as it is, and we're talking about even more tax cuts? I guess we just can't get enough of a bad thing.

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