The Secret is Out

Professors -- Instructors -- Teachers in general -- HAVE LIVES. Yes, it's true. More often than not, they're actually far more interesting people than their students are -- smarter, more creative, better-traveled, better-read, more experienced, and a with a far wider and more exciting group of friends.

But it is part of the ignorance of youth to find oneself endlessly interesting, and older people dreadfully dull. I like to remind my students of what idiots they were when they were 12 years old -- how they thought they knew everything and how they thought, for example, that grown-up movies were BOR-ing... because they didn't understand them. And then suggest that in another 10 years, they might be looking back at their current selves... they laugh with recognition. They're young, not stupid.

Although they seem stupid when they tell you that their families are sooo unique and interesting because they're just like the families on TV, or when they say to you, in a sugar-fueled rush, that you would totally hang out when them and their friends (and you wonder silently at how they intend this insult as a compliment) -- even then, they're not stupid, just young. And we've all chosen to work with them. I invite you to read this interesting article.

Now, to prove myself wrong, my random 10:

1. Love Train -- The Ojays
2. I'll Back You Up -- Dave Matthews Band
3. Teardrops Will Fall -- John Mellencamp
4. Break Stuff -- Limp Bizkit (this is my grading song!) :-)
5. Cold Brains -- Beck
6. Heaven on Their Minds -- from Jesus Christ Superstar
7. Oh Darling -- Supertramp
8. You're the First, the Last, My Everything -- Barry White
9. Freedom -- Richie Havens (from Woodstock)
10. Crazy Love -- Van Morrison

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