So I'm scanning around for something to blog about this morning and nothing's really catching my eye. Just not feeling inspired, you know? And then I scrolled down the diaries list at Kos, and guess what I found:

So I have a question for my fellow Kossacks.

I work at Spencer's Gifts, a store that prides itself on being fairly humourous and "edgy." We sell a shirt there that shows portrait shots Hillary and Obama side by side, seperated by the words "Bros before Hoes."

Full disclosure - I immediately purchased one even before we put them up for general sale on the floor, literally as soon as they came into our building. I thought (and think) they are hilarious.
He goes on to mention that the CEO has been getting pressure to stop selling the shirts, but plans to continue, and what do his fellow Kossacks think? The reaction is, to be kind, depressing. There are only a handful of people arguing against the shirts, full stop. A few are doing the "it's offensive and I wouldn't wear one, but the First Amendment..." game, and the rest--the majority, it feels like right now--are openly applauding the shirts.

The thread is going to get ugly, and while I generally avoid ugly threads, this is one where I've already started calling people out, and I imagine I'll be doing it for as long as the thread stays viable. If anyone else is interested, I suggest you join in.

Here's the Random Ten. Put the iTunes on party shuffle and post the next ten songs to pop up. Insert your own witty remark here--I'm too pissed to come up with anything right now.

1. What Do You Want From Me--Pink Floyd
2. Perfect Love--Veruca Salt
3. Walking Blues--Robert Johnson
4. Step Into My Office, Baby--Belle and Sebastian
5. Blues Five Spot--Thelonius Monk
6. Body Movin'--Beastie Boys
7. Low Down Man--Squirrel Nut Zippers
8. The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side--Magnetic Fields
9. I'm Wrong About Everything--John Wesley Harding
10. Rebellion (Lies)--The Arcade Fire
Question of the day--what's the most offensive t-shirt you've seen lately?

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