Oh, Stanley...

We'd been getting along so well as of late, and now you have to go and write this piece of messed-up logic.

If it is McCain vs. Obama in the general election, look for something to happen that was unthinkable only a short time ago. The Iraq War will become a Republican plus.

Sorry, Stanley, but you're wrong on this, and it's not even close. No matter how the question is asked, the war is unpopular with a majority of the population, at or above 60% in most polls. The war, in short, is a loser for McCain, no matter how nimble he may be on the subject. And it doesn't matter how you finesse it--McCain owns this war as much as Bush does, and Obama doesn't. It's the main reason many progressives are willing to overlook Obama's less than progressive positions on other things (much like Dean supporters did in 2004). The war issue will be a winner for Obama in 2008, and the Republicans will continue to take it in the teeth, as they should, for that misguided and ill-conceived war.

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