More legislative stupidity

Remember how stupid Florida Republicans looked during the Terry Schiavo story? They've decided to try to top themselves, only this time, it's over abortion.

TALLAHASSEE - A bill that defines life at conception for the purpose of prosecuting violent acts against pregnant women today cleared a House panel along sharply divided party lines.

Republican legislators on the committee pushed through the effort to define an "unborn child" as a fetus at any stage of development in the womb. Under current law, an unborn child is defined as a "viable fetus" that is "capable of meaningful life outside the womb through standard medical measures."
This is how it starts, of course. The change in the definition is meant to cover only violent acts against women, but once the precedent is set, then an abortion is defined as a violent act against a woman, and the doctors are prosecuted for performing them, right to privacy be damned. It's not particularly subtle, and as Rep. Evan Jenne noted, opens up all sorts of other complicating possibilities:
Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Davie, added: "Will we need to do pregnancy tests on every woman of childbearing age in every car accident? There's a lot of questions come up. I'm not sure how this advances the cause of protecting the unborn. I think it just changes definitions."
The short answer is that it doesn't protect the unborn, because that's not the point. The point is to control the sexual practices of women, and make sure that women who are having sex are suitably punished by being forced to have offspring, even if they're doing so against their will.

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