A Meme of One's Own

Blogger's looking screwy right now, so I hope this comes out all right. Anyway, my post about the death of Popeyes' Chicken founder Al Copeland got me thinking about my teen years. You see, when I was a teenager, my first real job was at a chicken restaurant, a local knockoff of Popeye's called Happy's Famous Fried Chicken n' Biscuits, owned by a colorful local fella named Fred Berger, or to those who worked for him, Mister Fred.

It wasn't a half bad job for a kid in high school. I made just enough to keep gas in my 1970 Pontiac Bonneville, and he was about my dad's age--his son, Fred Jr., was a year ahead of me in high school, though at a different school.

By the time I left Slidell, Mister Fred was getting out of the chicken business--his brand was dying, and he'd moved into the Mardi Gras bead supply business on the side, and that was taking off. I moved on and basically forgot about him until Copeland's death got me thinking, so I googled him and discovered this.

Mister Fred's a freaking professional poker player now, and not half bad from the looks of it.

So here's the meme: google someone you haven't thought about in years--one of your first bosses, an old co-worker, a college acquaintance--and see if you can find out something interesting about their lives. And then tag some indeterminate number of people to have the meme go on.

Since I have to start this thing, I tag my co-bloggers, Amy and SOS, my former co-bloggers Bradley and Emily, Michael (who needs to blog more anyway), Elle, PhD, Mark, Sinfonian, konagod, and Teh Portly Dyke. Have fun with it, y'all.

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