Waterboarding, as I understand it, is illegal in much of the rest of the world. Many countries face the same threats from terrorists that the United States does, more immediate threats, in fact, as Europe is closer to the bases that most of these terror groups do their planning in, unless you count attacks against the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan as terror attacks--I do not.

But King George the Lesser, Defender of Torture, has decided that we need waterboarding and other torture tactics to remain in the CIA arsenal. Never mind that the FBI refuses to use it, that the Army Field Manual expressly forbids it, that the Canadian government refuses to use evidence obtained from it in their own prosecutions. No, the King demands that his special people be allowed to torture, and so he wields the veto pen. And his allies in the Congress hold just enough power to keep his decree from being overridden.

And so, because the President, 45 Senators and 199 Representatives say it's important, the United States not only condones, but practices the torture of other human beings. 245 people hold the real power to change this, and will not. Sure, the people who voted for them hold a measure of responsibility, and those who will vote for the re-election of those members of Congress will carry a greater degree of guilt come November, but it comes down to this--those members of the Congress and the President have the power to stop this practice, and they refuse to. And they turn us all into torturers as a result.

Much of the rest of the democratic world manages to deal with the threat of terrorist groups without subjecting suspects to brutal and inhumane treatment. Why can't we? Are we deficient in some way?

We're not, of course. We're just ruled by people who lack a conscience, who lack empathy, and who refuse to acknowledge the humanity of people with darker skin, with different religious beliefs, and who just might disagree with their world view. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to change that somewhat come November. So please, no matter how some of this other election bullshit has gotten on your nerves, from sexist and racist dogwhistles to the debate between experience versus judgment to the tiring, vapid talking head nature of our media, don't let it get you down and think that all politicians are the same. Even if you're not positive that either Clinton or Obama would outlaw waterboarding--and I simply don't know their positions on the matter--it's unlikely that they would veto this legislation the way Bush has just done, while John McCain has already changed his tune on this matter. That's a great example of difference between any Republican adn any Democrat in the White House come next January.

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