Hey Terry McAuliffe

I didn't like your style when you were DNC Chairman, and I haven't liked the stories I've read suggesting you're trying to strong-arm Howard Dean into counting Florida and Michigan as-is by getting DNC donors to pull money if Dean doesn't do what you want him to do.

But now, given that Mark Shields has exposed you as a hypocrite, how about you just shut the hell up about what's fair for Florida voters.

This was not the first time Michigan had challenged the Democratic Party’s nominating schedule. Four years earlier, Michigan threatened — in the words of the state’s respected, but highly exercised, U.S. Sen. Carl Levin — to go “outside the primary window.”

The Democratic national chairman, in a very heated exchange in Levin’s office, told the senator, “If I allow you to do that, the whole system collapses, we will have chaos.”

An unconvinced Levin challenged the chairman, “You won’t deny us seats at the convention.” To which the Democratic chairman fired back: “Carl, take it to the bank. They will not get a credential. The closest they’ll get to Boston (the convention city) will be watching it on television.”

The Democratic chairman in 2004 who used the credible threat of massive retaliation, the loss of convention influence, was the irrepressible Terry McAuliffe.
If it was good enough back when a Clinton wasn't in the running, then damn it, it's good enough now.

Side note to Hillary Clinton: when you have a spokesperson going out there trying to argue that changing the rules in the middle of the game is a good thing, you might want to ensure that spokesperson didn't enforce those very same rules in the past.

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