Jim Naugle had vanished from the local scene for a while, cast out of the public eye as the face of Fort Lauderdale for his stubatshit claims about the threat of gay sex in public toilets. I meant to blog about his return to the scene a couple of days ago when I read that he'd reraised the specter of public gay sex in a column he wrote for the publication put out by the city every couple of months. I missed the window on that story, so instead, I get to write about how the City Commission has decided to just shut him up completely, at least as far as his column goes.

The mayor's column in Fort Lauderdale's bi-monthly publication will be discontinued, replaced in the future with a message from the entire City Commission, after his latest subject matter — men having sex in parks — ticked off his colleagues and some in the public.

City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson brought up the column this week at a city meeting, and her colleagues agreed that the mayor's missives should not be carried in the taxpayer funded magazine. They told City Manager George Gretsas to make the changes.
I expect that as a Naugle's days as mayor come to a close, we'll see more of this, not less, as he tries to move onward from this career. I don't know what he's planning, but if he stays in politics, I make this pledge. I will work for and donate money to his opponent, no matter what the position he's running for, and regardless of whether or not I'm still living in south Florida.

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