In a ruling that surprised absolutely no one, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals told Victor DiMaio to go away and stop bothering them. (They really just said he didn't have standing to bring the suit, but I like my version better.) Which leaves Florida back where it started--petitioning the Rules & Bylaws Committee to be seated at the convention.

I really don't care one way or the other--okay, that's not true. I hope the DNC sticks to its guns and doesn't seat either us or the Michigan delegation, and then uses that outrage to get the state parties to actually get their shit together on reforming the nominating process. The hold Iowa and New Hampshire have on the early debate is unfair and untenable and the old objection that they allow for close-in politics in a way other states don't is ridiculous now. We need to open this thing up, not limit it. Regional primaries, or rotating primaries, or even basing early states on how they did in the off-year Congressional elections, rewarding states that pick up seats and that show promise of flipping to blue would work for me. I'm open, as long as the result is that we no longer have an Iowa/New Hampshire dominant process.

And let me say this to all the people hand-wringing about how not seating the delegations will harm the party in the November: please cut the fucking bullshit. If voters stay home or switch parties in November out of petulance over what happened in a primary that a small fraction of the total electorate took part in months ago, then we've got bigger problems to deal with.

Here's the Random Ten. The iTunes is on party shuffle, and I'm ready to go home and enjoy the weekend. Working. Damn it. Here we go.

1. I Looked All Over Town--Magnetic Fields
2. Double Up--Lifesavas
3. Coming Into Los Angeles--Arlo Guthrie
4. Criminal Minded--Boogie Down Productions
5. Burn One Down--Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals
6. White Moon--The White Stripes
7. A Great Day for Freedom--Pink Floyd
8. Things That Make You Go Hmmm--C&C Music Factory
9. Too Drunk to Fuck--Nouvelle Vague
10. Door--Luscious Jackson
Weekend plans? Random Tens? Hit me.

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