Ask a Mexican

Gustavo Arellano's weekly column in the OC Weekly is one of my must-reads. I picked up on him when Amy bought his book for her mom for Christmas a couple of years ago, and now he's started doing a video version along with his column. I'm posting this one because it covers a point that needs to get greater play--the fact that Mexican immigrants assimilate.

I've tried to get this same point across to my poetry students when I do poems like "Nani" by Alberto Rios or "Bilingual Sestina" by Julia Alvarez, to name a couple. Part of the reason that the general public doesn't understand that Mexican immigrants assimilate is because there are always more on the way--by the time one group is assimilated, there are new ones here who aren't, and the general public doesn't differentiate. They just see "brown person not speaking English" and let loose with a stream of invective against illegal immigrants.

I highly recommend his column, by the way. Every Thursday--add it to your rotation.

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