So today, the Sun-Sentinel, which I consider my local paper--the Miami Herald just doesn't do it for me, though I may have to give it a shot now--announced that its parent company, Tribune Co., is combining the broadcast, print interactive operations of the Sun-Sentinel with WSFL, which is south Florida's CW affiliate. Why is this supposed to be a good thing?

"We'll be able to offer our advertising customers an array of mediums to advertise that no one else can offer," said Howard Greenberg, Sun-Sentinel Co.'s president and publisher.
Tribune Co., fans of The Wire will no doubt remember, is the company that owns the Baltimore Sun, and which comes in for some fairly harsh treatment on that show, in part because they have their priorities, well, skewed a bit.

I guess that's why we get such a laser-like focus on the killer stingray story, and breathless coverage of locals on American Idol above the fold online, and why you have to search a bit for the story about how budget cuts will affect the judicial system in Florida. Today's news media--focused on the important issues.

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