Your Kids Eat Tortured Beef

In America, used-up dairy cows too sick to walk are beaten and tortured by employees whose soul-crushing jobs have sapped their natural humanity in attempts to get the dying animals to walk to slaughter (it's illegal to feed an animal too sick to walk to people), at a slaughterhouse that supplies beef carcasses to the processing plant that makes the beef patties and meatballs that go to America's schoolkids.

I believe I have, in one (admittedly long) sentence, summed up why many of us are refusing to eat beef or pork, even though we would not necessarily object to doing so, were the system different.

Watch the videos at the end of this link if you dare. Do not dare to eat the meat. If you do, you are contributing to the destruction of the environment, the destruction of abattoir worker's souls, the absolute depravity and evil which characterizes the life experiences of millions of thinking, feeling mammals, the heartless industrial machine that has replaced food in our culture, and the risk that little children will eat contaminated meat, get sick, and possibly die.

This has gone far too far. Far, far too far.

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