Whassamatter Rush? Losing your stroke?

I love how Rush Limbaugh is spinning like mad trying to remain relevant in this year's Presidential race. It comes through even when the reporter covering him is fawning like a fanboy at a comics convention. El Rushbo has been trying to sink McCain's candidacy since 2000, and while he might have had a hand in doing it then, he's obviously failed this time, which is odd, since McCain, never that moderate in the first place, has become positively wingnutty in the last 3 years.

And yet Rush keeps trying to convince people that he's relevant.

“Folks, can we agree, just between us,” he told his listeners, sotto voce, on Wednesday, “has it not been brilliant how strategically I have inserted myself in this campaign?”
Yeah Rush. Brilliant. Because your guy is cruising to the nomination.

But this was my real moment of glee in the article.
It is also noteworthy that this audience remains nearly as big as in 1994, when he helped clear a rhetorical path for Newt Gingrich’s Republican takeover of the House, in an era predating the competition Mr. Limbaugh now faces from the Internet, bloggers and the Fox News Channel.
Rush hasn't grown his audience? That has got to sting a bit, to lose ground to the pretenders to the throne, especially when they're really just pale imitations of you. I think the internet effect is overblown when it comes to radio--most people listen in their cars, where internet connectivity is, well, sketchy. I think it's more likely that a change in the national mood took a chunk out of El Rushbo's ass, and that the rise of people like Ed Schultz and Stephanies Miller and the Air America experiment drew away some of his less hardcore listeners.

But regardless of his numbers, the obvious thing to take away from this is that Rush doesn't have the authority he did 13 years ago when he helped drive Republicans to the polls. I mean, if he can't derail a 72 year old former war hero from the path to the nomination, what good is he?

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