The War on Masturbation

I know a lot of people in the blogosphere have been angry with Dan Savage for a while now, but as far as I'm concerned he's performed a valuable public service with this week's Savage Love column, which draws out attention to Kandiss Crone, a Jackson, Mississippi local TV "news" "reporter" who's out to expose and crush the masturbation epidemic in her community, one dildo at a time.

(By the way-- we spend a lot of time talking about the mainstream media, and how CNN and MSNBC and the other one-- Lox?-- tend to employ melodrama and infer scandal in an effort to seem important and vital to people's lives. We don't talk enough about how absolutely worthless most local TV news is-- and we really should. At some point).

I've blogged before about some of Mississippi's ridiculous and draconian laws regarding the sale of sex toys, and how the police have used those laws to persecute small business owners who aren't actually hurting anyone (yeah, yeah-- butt plugs are dangerous; they put the anus in heinous). Now, professional busy body/ pretend reporter Crone is getting in on the action-- setting up her own sting operations in an effort to "expose" the sick truth that adults are able to purchase personal massagers at adult bookstores.

Kandiss? Between you and me, this is a sign that your career is not going well. Good reporters chase stories and uncover scandalous truths; bad reporters cover the openings of new grocery stores and town meetings where the pot hole issue is being discussed; utterly worthless, completely incompetent automatons report obvious, self-evident truths like "Once again, experts expect the sun to rise tomorrow" or "Gasoline continues to be harmful if swallowed" or "Adult bookstores sell masturbation aids." Seriously-- quit. You suck. And no, that's not a sex joke or double entendre-- I mean you're terrible at your job. Find another one. It's not just that you're exploiting and promoting sex-negative attitudes, and it's not just that you're hurting people who have done absolutely nothing wrong-- though you're certainly doing both of those things, which makes you a terrible human being. But really-- if this is your idea of news, you are clearly in the wrong field.

EDIT: The good news, as Mustang Bobby reports, is that an appeals court has struck down a Texas law that criminalized sex toys. Good for Texas. Come on, Mississippi-- do you really want to be left in the dust by Texas?

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