Super Fat Tuesday

It feels like there should be something more to say about Super Tuesday, but I find that I'm fresh out of political "insights." I'm hoping Obama wins big; I'm not going to cry if Clinton wins big. Most likely, nothing will be decided on the Democratic front today anyway. I am expecting that John McCain will win handily tonight, and Mitt Romney will skulk off to pout-- but who isn't expecting that, really? Far more interesting, on the Conservative side, is just what Ron Paul's up to. Will he announce a third party candidacy? Will he endorse McCain? Will his supporters remain invested in this election? Frankly, as much as I dislike Ron Paul, I'm hoping he stays in. I think his presence elevates the tone, somewhat. Republicans are forced to deal with his stance on fiscal conservatisim (traditionally a core Republican value, but not during this administration); Democrats have to articulate a position more substantive than simply "Bring the Troops Home" (which was largely what the 2006 Congressional elections boiled down to). Ron Paul can't win, and as those of you who have followed the discussions on this blog know, I feel quite strongly he shouldn't win, but I'd like to see him stick around and piss the other candidates off.

I guess it's also Mardi Gras. To be honest, I'd forgotten. There must be some way to combine Super Tuesday with Mardi Gras celebrations. Throw beads at people as they come out of polling stations? Public nudity at the voting booth? Snoop Dogg, Joe Francis, and Mitt Romney paying college girls to show their "I Voted!" stickers? Come on-- we can make this happen!

Or maybe we shouldn't...

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