Born again virginity is one of them. Part of my lack of understanding is no doubt due to my maleness--for us, the cultural imperative is to get rid of it as soon as possible, in as decadent and unfeeling as way as possible, so that we may brag about it in the hallways.

But as long as we live in a slut-shaming society, we're going to have this sort of thing:

"Have you already unwrapped the priceless gift of virginity and given it away?" asks the Web site for the Pregnancy Resource Center of Northeast Ohio, where Watts began working part-time after she reclaimed her virginity. "Do you now feel like 'second-hand goods' and no longer worthy to be cherished? Do you ever wish you could re-wrap it and give it only to your future husband or wife? Guess what...? You can decide today to commit to abstinence, wrapping a brand-new gift of virginity to present to your husband or wife on your wedding night."
No thanks. That's the kind of gift you better make sure you get a receipt for, because it's getting traded in for something at the adult book store.

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