R.I.P. Steve Gerber

Steve Gerber, comic book and animation writer, died on Sunday. Although he wrote a ton of comic books and cartoons (and was an important voice for creators' rights and the independent comics movement in the 1980s), Gerber is probably best remembered for creating the character Howard the Duck for Marvel Comics in the 1970s. The comic book version of Howard the Duck combined political satire, superhero/ adventure comic book tropes, and absurdist humor (to be clear-- the movie version of Howard the Duck actually did none of these things, which is why it sucked even though it was based on a great comic).

To read more about Gerber's life and death, you can check out his obituary on Newsarama. And seriously-- I highly recommend the old Howard the Duck comics-- conveniently reprinted in an affordable Marvel Essential volume-- to all of my friends who are interested in politics, absurd humor, and water fowl.

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