A personal request

And this is limited really to only those people who live in Louisiana.

About a month ago, an old college friend of mine, Matt Hughes got home from work, and in what seems to be a random act of violence, was shot twice in his front yard. He flatlined twice in the ambulance, and afterward, his wife Jan (also an old college friend) was told he'd probably be a vegetable because of oxygen deprivation. Now, only a month later, Matt is home and rehabbing and doing pretty well, from the limited reports I've gotten. He was apparently a groomsman in a wedding a week ago, and was not only able to walk down the aisle, but dance with Jan at the wedding.

As one might expect, though, what's not doing well are their bank accounts. Health insurance has covered a lot, but not nearly everything, and the bills are continuing to come in, along with the recurring ones for things like physical therapy. But I (and my other old college friends who are doing this) am not asking for monetary donations to help them out. We're asking for blood, specifically, blood donations. If you're in Louisiana and you give at the Blood Center, you can tell them that the donation is for Matthew "Matt" Hughes, and Matt and Jan will receive $15 toward their medical expenses. If you're in the area and you can do this, I'd really appreciate it, and I know Matt and Jan would too.

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