Live-Blogging Ann Coulter Speaking to the Young America's Foundation

Ann Coulter wasn't invited to speak at the Conservatice Political Action Committee Conference this year, but she showed up anyway and is about to deliver a speech in a ballroom down the hall from where John McCain spoke yesterday. Here are my live thoughts.

4:15-- Someone stupid introduced Ann Coulter. Ranted about "pseudo-intellectuals" on the left. Said no one-- Republican or Democrat-- could silence Coulter.

4:19-- A bunch of men just yelled "We love you Ann!" Ann said she'd have to make a John Edwards joke. Since her thing is that Edwards is a "fag," does that mean she's claiming to be a man?

4:20-- Ann says that she's on Clinton's "team," calls Bill Clinton a "horny hick." Morons laugh like they've never heard this joke. I need to get high. She just referred to "B. Hussein Obama." I really need to get high. Oh, it's 4:20! Maybe she's high?

4:21-- Joked that being half-black is all Obama has to campaign on.

4:22-- Keeps making bad jokes. Just joked that some cities might deserve to be destroyed by terrorist attacks. Hilarious!

4:23-- Starts to insult McCain. Jokes about war heroes. "Honor is our strong point," she says. Is this irony?

4:24-- Makes fun of both McCain and John Kerry serving their country; jokes about POWs.

4:25-- "My girl Hillary" [...] "cries on cue"

4:99-- Fuck it. I quit. This is stupid. I tried. It's like the Comedy Central Roast of America-- that's the level of discourse and "humor". I keep waiting for Greg Giraldo to come out and make a "joke" about Lisa Lampanelli fucking black guys. But, again, at least Comedy Central limits its insults to deserving targets like celebrities. Ann Coulter's fame insults all of us.

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