Pam over at Pandagon has a graphic she pulls out for these kinds of stories--a human hand with the world's smallest violin sitting in it.

It hasn't been easy getting people excited about celebrating the 200th birthday of that tall, gaunt, bearded, Kentucky-bred president who was born in a log cabin and went on to lead his people through a bloody civil war....

"The response to date has been timid," acknowledges Bertram Hayes-Davis, head of the Davis Family Association and great-great grandson of the only president of the short-lived Confederate States of America. "Nobody has said no. Many haven't said yes."

Because Davis was a former secretary of war, Hayes-Davis wrote to the Department of Defense to see if it was interested in participating in some activity "to educate the public about the real Jefferson Davis." The agency didn't even reply.

I can't often say I'm proud of the Department of Defense, but I am here. Jefferson Davis was a piece of crap of a human being, who led half a nation to war to defend the right to own other human beings. And he never repented or relented from those beliefs. He deserves whatever vilification he gets.

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