I agree, good idea.

Via Lawyers, Guns & Money, the DNC is apparently pressuring the Florida and Michigan Democratic parties to hold caucuses to fend off any problems over seating delegates at the convention this summer.

DNC member Debbie Dingell said it’s unclear whether either state would hold caucuses since they’ve already held primaries, Michigan on Jan. 15 and Florida on Jan. 29.

But she said the DNC is asking the two states to consider such a plan as the likelihood grows that the selection of the party’s nominee could come down to the national convention.
According to this article, the Florida Democratic party isn't on board, but I'd like to think we can change their minds if we contact them. I don't have time to get that contact information right this minute, but I'll see if I can grab it at some point and post it here. If someone has it and puts it in the comments, I'll move it up to the main page.

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