Hey, It Turns Out Florida Universities Are Having Money Problems!

Well, the cat's out of the bag-- Florida Universities are in a pretty dire financial situation. Some would argue that "crisis" is too strong a word. So let's just call it a situation. A horrible, terrifying, potentially catastrophic situation.

Frankly, I'm surprised this story made the front page of the Sun-Sentinel-- but I'm glad it did. This isn't exactly breaking news-- the state slashed our budgets at the end of last summer, after all, while also insisting that any attempt by schools to raise tuition to make up for the state's stinginess would be shot down immediately. We've been running on fumes, fiscally-speaking-- student organizations have lost funding, faculty conference travel has been indefinitely suspended, hiring freezes continue, class sizes are getting larger and larger. And now schools are being asked to prepare for even deeper cuts, as the state is apparently facing a $2 billion shortfall in revenue.

Hey, I know how we can raise revenue. Let's lower taxes again! I'm sure that will work!

That's sarcasm.

As I said, this report isn't exactly news per se, in the sense that this situation has been going on for months and most of us saw the writing on the wall then (though, to be clear, a few months ago, the writing was in pencil; this week's "tax relief" amendment -- or, more properly, voluntary surrendering of revenue amendment-- traced over those pencil marks in big, black, indelible marker). Still, it's nice to see the local media paying closer attention to the story, and warning the community: Your selfish short-sightedness is very likely going to result in lower student enrollment, cancelled classes, and lay-offs-- all of which translates into diminished opportunities for your kids and deeper economic problems for Florida in the long-term. Well done-- certainly, you don't need no education.

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