Blogging when I've just woken up and before even a sip of coffee is probably a bad idea--I'm already having to retype every third word, it seems--but I've never let a bad idea stop me before.

The dream--I just woke up from an eternity of trying to fit a lens back into a pair of glasses. I didn't say it would be an exciting dream.

The book meme comes from Batocchio (who I don't give nearly enough link love--I'll work on that). Here's how you play:

• look up page 123 in the nearest book
• look for the fifth sentence
• then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123.

The book nearest me is actually Marge Piercy's The Moon Is Always Female, but I checked, and there aren't 8 total sentences on page 123, even if I cheat and take the first partial sentence and count it as one, so instead, it's onto my friend Mark Scroggins's Louis Zukofsky: The Poem of a Life, which has been a fascinating read so far. I'm looking forward to Spring Break next week to really get into it.

Its appearance as a single thirty-three-page stretch of printed text announced that Zukofsky, who at the age of twenty-eight had yet to publish a book of his own poetry, was a force to be reckoned with on the poetry scene. In its "Objectivists" Anthology appearance, with the hopeful tailpiece "To Be Continued," "A" was setting itself up in competition with The Cantos, openly advertising itself as what Pound had doubted it fit to be--"a life work."

The anthology as a whole was dedicated "To / Ezra Pound / still for the poets of our time / the / most important."
And finally, an oddity of a Random Ten, falling as it does on a February 29. What are the odds I'll still be blogging the next time February 29 falls on a Friday, and that I'll still be doing a Random Ten? No idea. But I'm here, and it's here, and right now we're going to boo-gie. I've got a pot of coffee, an undergraduate poetry workshop to run in 2 hours, and 2--count them--2 faculty meetings this afternoon on a campus other than the one I'm teaching on this morning. But after that, Spring Break, and something other than academic work.

So here we go people. Put the iTunes on Party Shuffle and post the next ten songs, and if it just happens to include Wrecks-n-Effects "Rump Shaker," shake along. It was meant to be.
1. Recuerdo--Dave Brubeck
2. Blue Light--Bloc Party
3. Gypsy--Fleetwood Mac
4. Gonna Make You Sweat--C & C Music Factory (that's more like it!)
5. Part Time Love--Luther Allison
6. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth--Primitive Radio Gods
7. Not Fire, Not Ice--Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
8. Get That Monkey Off Your Back--The Coup
9. Crossing (Lee)--Taj Mahal
10. One More Sunday In Savannah--Nina Simone
And one extra for the Leap Year
11. Only Time Will Tell--Asia

Perhaps I should have left well enough alone. Choose your poison--book meme or random ten, and leave them in the comments.

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