The Cylons are Coming! and the Random Ten

And I'm not talking about the end of the WGA strike, either. I'm talking about the real deal.

Astronomers said Wednesday that they had found a miniature version of our own solar system 5,000 light-years across the galaxy — the first planetary system that really looks like our own, with outer giant planets and room for smaller inner planets....

That is exactly what started happening on March 28, 2006, when a star 5,000 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius began to pass in front of one 21,000 light-years more distant, causing it to flash. That was picked up by the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment, or Ogle, a worldwide collaboration of observers who keep watch for such events.
It could just a coincidence (though I doubt it) that this solar system is discovered in the area of one of the more rarely mentioned twelve colonies. It is just a coincidence, however, that it's from the constellation that represents my star sign. I am not a Cylon agent.

Here's the Random Ten, non-robot edition. Put the iPod on party shuffle, hit play, and put up the first ten songs that pop up. No "All Along the Watchtower" either. That was bullshit.
1. Tennessee--Arrested Development
2. Harder Than You Think--Public Enemy
3. Everyone Needs an Editor--Mates of State
4. Smoke Two Joints--Dogma
5. And We Danced--The Hooters
6. City of Progress--The Spam Allstars
7. Perfect 10--The Beautiful South
8. The Golden Wedding--Woody Herman
9. The Wrong Child--R.E.M.
10. Wind It Up--Barenaked Ladies
Do you welcome our future Cylon overlords? I know I do.

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