Come On Florida, Don't Embarrass Me

Please don't turn us into Kansas. I mean, we're close as it is, what with your insistence on calling evolution "biological changes over time." But here's your chance to make it right, to stand for fact over superstition. Seriously, if you fail on this, you're giving this person credibility.

Laura Lopez, a mother of three from West Palm Beach who spoke at last month's hearing in Miramar, said last week that to her dismay, she expects the new standards to be adopted.

"Evolution is just another one of Satan's lies to get people to believe there is no god," the devout Christian said. Lopez is not worried about exposing her children to the theory of evolution, though, saying, "my kids know the truth; I just don't say it's not true, I show them proof."
Satan's lies--that's what she called it. This isn't a serious discussion--we're talking about a debate between provable, observable fact and mythology. As for me, I'm with the educators, who sent a letter to the Board of Education.

"Yielding to these pressures would be a real disservice to Florida because it would not only seriously impede the education of our children, but also create the image of a backward state," said a letter last week from educators who wrote the standards to the state Board of Education.

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