Asking permission

When it comes to making major purchases, Amy and I generally talk it out, as in, we look at each other, one says "you want to?" and the other says "why not? There's room on the credit card." I'm a bad influence, admittedly.

But apparently, we're an oddity, especially when it comes to electronics. I mean, that's what I have to take away from Rob Enderle, who was talking about Toshiba's retreat from the hi-def DVD wars.

There are good reasons to wait. Among them are the cost of the players, which range between $400 and $500 and are expected to remain at that level in the months ahead, said Rob Enderle, president of The Enderle Group research firm.

Even at $400, that’s about twice the price most consumers are comfortable with — the “I-don’t-have-to-ask-my-wife’s-permission” number of around $200, said Enderle.
I guess in most households, wives are stingy bitches who are constantly screwing up the guys' ability to spend their hard-earned money on important stuff they want by stomping their hopes and dreams for a Blu-Ray player into little DVD shards, which they then insert in their vaginas so as to emasculate them the next time they have sex, which won't be for a year if they buy the Blu-Ray without getting permission.

Okay, that's a bit much. The women don't really insert the shards into their vaginas. They just use the sharp edges to de-nut the men in their sleep. Makes me glad I'm not married.

Of course, Rob Enderle could just be another clueless guy who thinks women aren't interested in consumer electronics, who don't care about things like flat-screen televisions or iPhones. I readily cop to being a gadget freak, but I'm too cheap to buy anything on my own. Our small flat screen television was Amy's idea. The iPhone? Amy's--I got the iPod Touch instead. And Amy's next computer will probably be an Air. And neither of us will grant the other permission--we'll look at each other, say "you want to?" and reply "what's another two years of credit card bills?"

And no one gets dismissed as a lesser for it.

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