Amy's Pics

Shannon is a talented photographer. I'm a nerd who likes to snap pics and vids. So please lower the expectations... the best looking thing about my pictures are the subjects, and I rarely do them justice.

That said, here are my AWP NY vacation pics.

Okay, so 90% of my pictures are either of Brian or art at MoMA. But you must admit that both are photoworthy.

I guess the only advantage to missing the free night at the MoMA by one day is that for your $20 (!!!) admission, you get a nearly empty museum. I was able to get this nice pic of the awesome staircase under Matisse's "The Dance." Painting's nice too.

Here's a little vid I took of Mark's book when we came upon it at the book fair. The transcript (in case you can't make it out) is basically:
Girl: It was in the New York Times!
Amy: Yeah!
Brian: He was very excited.
Girl: Huh?
Brian: We work with him.
Amy: Hee hee! [after she turns off the camera she follows this "hee hee" with, "he's going to love this!" but obviously you can't hear that, because she'd already shut off the camera, so it's just this loud "Hee hee!" There you go.]

Okay back to MoMA. How about some of my good friend Heather's distant relative the great Fernand Léger?

Or the Great Jasper Johns? (This picture completely captivated me in person and still does in memory... notice that the word "MOM" is scrawled over FL...)

And this utterly irresistible work by authors unknown...

Meanwhile back at the AWP...

Xochi, Andrew, Stacy, Brian...

Heather, Alan...

Katie, Stacy (celebrating Stillwater, OK!)...

Amy, Brian (click on this for full effect)...

And lastly, my favorite pic of the entire trip: our 2nd night in town we went out to the Bowery Poetry Club for a reading, and Stacy was having some back pain, so I offered her a muscle relaxer, assuring her that she would feel good in about 10 minutes. Exactly 10 minutes later she nearly killed herself walking off the sidewalk. Exactly one hour later she lost all her money and ID. I take full responsibility for this, and I'm happy to say that at least my dumb ass found her money and ID for her. In the midst of the chaos, though, as her purse was being shamelessly dumped and rummaged through by various persons for the Nth time in search of her stuff, this glorious photo was captured:

It is now the wallpaper of my laptop.

Hooray for AWP!

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