Across-the-Board Disgusting

Yeah, I get that it's been frozen. Still...

The Sullivan High School student was a member of the Boy Scouts and was one of the guards around the picnic table of then-Vice President Richard Nixon as he ate lunch in Wyman Park...

Before his speech at the baseball diamond, Nixon sat down at a picnic bench to eat his buffalo sandwich, with Jenne standing directly behind him, serving in his role of lunchtime guard. Nixon ate about half the sandwich and made comments about how much he liked it before getting up to give his speech...

As he prepared to leave a little later, Jenne just picked up the paper plate Nixon's sandwich was served on, with the sandwich still on it, and brought it home with him. Jenne's mother agreed to store the sandwich in the freezer, first wrapping it in cellophane and putting it in an applesauce jar.

"He was our vice president. I thought it might be worth saving," Jenne said.

Now, 47 years later, Jenne still has the sandwich and he knows for a fact it was worth saving.

Jenne was a guest speaker last fall at American history classes at Sullivan High School, a school he has not returned to since he graduated in 1964. Bringing along the paper plate on which the sandwich sat, along with a tote bag full of newspaper articles written about him over the years, Jenne got a chance to tell a new generation of Sullivan High Schoolers his sandwich story.

The sandwich itself did not make it with Jenne from Springfield, as he said its last two trips to California have taken a toll on it.

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