Why I am not an economist

Because this kind of stuff makes absolutely no sense to me.

CUPTERTINO, Calif. - Apple Inc. blew past Wall Street's bullish expectations in the first quarter with a 57 percent jump in profit, but a dramatically lower forecast sent shares plunging on fears about slowing consumer spending on electronics....

The company forecast profit in the second fiscal quarter of 94 cents per share, far short of the $1.09 per share that analysts were expecting. Revenue is also expected to be lower, coming in around $6.8 billion, compared with the $6.99 billion forecast by analysts.

Apple's guidance has historically been conservative, but such a divergence from Wall Street's estimate spooked investors already skittish about the economy.

So you have a company that blows past its previous expectations for the quarter, but because it sounds a more cautious note than "analysts" expect, the stock takes a beating. But if that's not counterintuitive enough, there's this bit later in the article.
Apple is profiting from sharply accelerating gains in the personal computer market in the United States, where the company has hovered for years in the 2 percent to 3 percent market share range. By the end of 2007, however, Apple had scooped out a share of more than 6 percent, according to market researcher Gartner Inc.
That's right--Apple has doubled its market share in the desktop/laptop market thanks, one presumes, to the introduction of the iPhone, which got Apple's computing style in non-Apple users' hands. And even with that information, the stock gets pounded.

I swear, I'd rather try to understand L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E poetry than figure out the stock market.

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