The [!@&!#@] Tax Amendment Passed

I'm not surprised by this. In fact, I regarded as fantasy the news stories that suggested it would be "close." If anything, those stories just served to assure that anti-tax activists got out there and tapped their touchscreens. The fact is, you tell people that you're going to save them $240 a year, they don't think about the (literally) higher DEATH rate that will result from reduction in services, about the fewer emergency responders to their emergency taking longer to get there and leaving them for danger, injury, and death. No. They think, hm. $240. That's almost a Wii.

But the bottom line is this: the state of Florida is a sinking ship. And there are 49 lifeboats within reach. Swim for it, people.

In Broward County, the number 1 individual employer is the public school system, followed by Publix. Think about that.

I'm not going to mince words, here: anti-tax activists are stupid. They would rather live in a worse world where they could keep more ["mine, mine, mine!" the 2-year-old shrieks] of what they consider "theirs." They do not think in a complex enough fashion to understand the vast benefits they already reap, nor how those benefits are paid for. It never occurs to them that there's not much you can do with one dollar. But if 300,000,000 people each give up one dollar, they have enough money to do something powerful.

In the end, anti-tax activism is just anti-government activism, and since, in a democracy, that "big" government is YOU, by making it smaller, you are giving up your own power. Prepare to be the buttbitch of a "big" corporation, buddy, because you're powerless without that ooh so scary and comm'nist-seemin' "collectivism."

Perhaps human nature inclines us towards tyrants and submission.


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