So, Bradley tells me that someone is remaking the movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still. It has Keanu Reeves in it, which suggests it will not be good.

This got us to thinking about movie remakes. We're trying to come up with good ones.

So far we have Ocean's Eleven and King Kong (maybe). We also talked about the new Battlestar Galactica as being superior to the original television series.

That's it. We're at a loss at the moment for more remakes that are either as good as or better than the original version of the movie or television show. So, I ask you, can you think of others?

Here are our parameters: the remake must be based on the original movie/TV show. We're not including any movies that are reinterpretations of original source material, such as any Shakespeare movie, any Dracula movie*, The Wizard of Oz**, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

* Really, a lot of those early monster movies wouldn't fit our criteria here -- people have made multiple versions of The Phantom of the Opera and Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, for example.
**The Judy Garland version wasn't the first Oz movie -- there was a silent version before it.

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