A question about union support

As everyone who reads this blog is aware, we're all pretty much full-on supporters of the Writers Guild during their strike, to the point where I was DVRing David Letterman for the first week he was back on the air, even though I don't generally watch his show, and also avoiding shows I like who are back without their writers, like The Daily Show.

But what about linking to their online content? I think I have an ethical way to do it, but I want to make sure I'm not just looking for excuses and selling out the union to do it.

One of the main reasons the guild is on strike is because they get absolutely nothing for online content, part of what they're calling "new media." Because of the particular television viewing position Amy and I are in (which is supposed to be secret, so I'm not confirming anything here), what we watch gets a bit more attention than the regular family, so when we don't watch a show, we have an impact, especially if it's a show we usually watch. If we combine that impact with linking to or viewing online content, are we bolstering the guild's claim that the future is online, and that they have a right to get a piece of that growing pie? Help me out here, because I'd love to link to Jon Stewart's takedown of Jonah Goldberg, but I won't do it if it will be the equivalent of crossing a picket line.

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