Primary Day

We keep hearing down here that the Florida Democratic primary doesn't matter, since the DNC stripped us of our delegates. We hear that Hillary Clinton wants our delegates to count, and that it's a matter of principle, and has nothing to do with her significant lead in the state where we've been mercifully spared the endless campaign commercials that have inundated the other early states. (If Obama pulls off a surprise win, will she change her tune? He probably won't, but what if?)

On the plus side, this is the last election we'll vote on black boxes, and I can't be rid of them soon enough. In an Orwellian twist, the stickers that poll workers dutifully give out after voters push the button (as opposed to pulling the lever) no longer say "I voted." They now say "My Vote Counted!, as though that's supposed to inspire confidence in machines that have proven time and again to be both hackable and faulty (which makes them eerily similar to the Bush administration). I'll feel a little better come November when we're onto the optical scan ballot machines, if only because there will be something tangible that can be hand counted in the event of an audit or recount. It is a system that can fail well, and that's important, because failures are inevitable in any mechanical or electronic system.

So here's hoping the election goes well today, that we have record turnouts, that the ill-considered tax proposal goes down to a flaming defeat, and that the electronic voting machines find new lives doing something useful, like incorrectly tabulating profits for captains of industry, or tuning vibrator motors.

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