One Year Left

I'm sure this sentiment will be shared will be widespread around the blogosphere, but I'll share it just the same. Only one more year of King George the Lesser.

Exactly one year from today, a new person will be inaugurated as President of the United States, thus bringing to an end the reign of the most corrupt and incompetent administration in the short history of this nation. That's not to say that everything will magically turn into fluffy bunnies and unicorns--indeed, we could be trading one corrupt and incompetent ruler in for another. But this one will have passed, and that's something at least.

It also looks like we'll have the chance to be part of a historic election, given John Edwards's distant third in Nevada yesterday. It's not the place that really killed his candidacy--it's the fact that he only got 4% of the vote in a place where he'd been courting a very strong labor lobby for quite some time. If it wasn't certain before, it is now--the Democratic party nominee will either be female or African-American, and it's about time. I have hopes that this opportunity will push voters to take part, to be a part of something historic, to move in a new direction, even if it's a largely symbolic move. They'll be able to look at the two nominees of the major parties and say "I can either vote for something we've never had before, or I can vote for the white guy," and I hope more of them will grab the chance to try something different than will retreat to the former.

But regardless, in one year, counting from today, there will be someone else in charge. The president inflicted on us by five people--Antonin Scalia, William Rehnquist, Sandra Day O'Connor, Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy, may their names live on in infamy--will no longer rule, and we may just be able to get on with our lives.

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