On a More Cheerful Note...

Incertus is four years old today. Brian mentioned that this birthday was coming up, but I thought it might cheer us all up to remind ourselves of all the fun times we've had blogging together. Granted, Emily and I have only been around since last May, and S.O.S. only for a few weeks, but still.

I've been looking around this blog's archives, and I'm struck again and again by how smart my co-bloggers are. And I thought I would remind all of you of some of the insightful things that have been said around here. So I've chosen one post from each of the bloggers who posts here that either made me think, made me smile, or did both.

First there's Emily. My wife. On October 23, 2007, she wrote a post titled On Not Giving Birth, which I guess stands out for me because it's both personal and political, like a lot of really good blog posts. Naturally, a woman should be free to decide if she's going to have a child or not, but women who choose to forgo this particular experience often find themselves on the receiving end of insensitive questions or remarks, as Emily well knows.

Confederate and Patriots? was a post written by S.O.S. just a few weeks ago that looked at the Confederate flag, what it means to some people, what it means to other people, and what role it plays in our culture. And it was remarkably restrained and even-handed. And it prompted a really good discussion, I thought-- and I'm hoping that she's turning the experience of going to that restuarant into an essay right now, as I type this.

Amy's published a lot of interesting posts, but I think the one that struck me the most was one from June 30, 2007, titled It's 12:30 a.m., and I've Just Seen Sicko. I'm not a huge Michael Moore fan by any stretch, but Amy's account of how his latest documentary moved her inspired me to reconsider my feelings about his work-- or, rather, reconsider how important some of his work might be to our national dialogue. And when I look at our current political conversations and see just how important health care in America is going to be as an issue in the 2008 presidential campaign, it seems obvious to me that both Moore and Amy were really onto something last summer.

Just about everything Brian writes about politics impresses me-- there's a reason all the lefty-pinko-blame-America-firsties link to Brian so often; it's 'cause he's hella smart and super articulate. So it's hard to pick just one post that really stands out, but I have to say that his recent post Hey, People-- You're Not Helping really stands out for its obvious intelligence and good sense. Or, rather, intelligence and good sense that should be obvious, but often isn't.

And me? This one. 'Cause I'm such an idiot sometimes.

And I still maintain that this

is the greatest video ever posted to any blog anywhere in the universe in the history of blogging, from caveman times through today!

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