Of Accountability and Manners

Y'all ought to check out this video. You've gotta watch a commercial first, but the footage of Mitt Romney getting into a semantic argument over who is and who isn't "running his campaign" and what is or is not a "senior strategy session" is pretty damn priceless. This is the kind of reporting I'd like to see more of-- irreverent, yet substantial. Romney tried to lie and got called on it, by an actual reporter!

Of course, the best part of the video comes at the end, when Romney's press secretary huffs and puffs at the reporter for being "combative." We've devolved to the point that reporters asking candidates difficult questions is now considered poor manners. Cry me a river.

Of course, the depressing part comes at the very end. Just before the video cuts off, a woman who says "I'm not with the campain" begins lecturing the reporter about manners. Hopefully-- and quite likely-- she's some Romney staffer's mom. But she might not be. It's really depressing to think that average citizens now view reporters trying to expose truth as the enemy, the rude buttinskies who interrupt candidates as they're trying to tell seducing lies.

Why, I never...!

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