New Year is my Favorite Holiday

I've had to answer the "why?" to this statement innumerable times in the past few years -- mainly because New Year is the least favorite holiday of my best friend, and several other people close to me. The bulk of the rest of the people I know feel neutral about it at best.

I can understand that. The New Year seems to inspire a lot of backward-looking in most people, and if it did that to me, I wouldn't like it either.

But for me, New Year is the perfect holiday: on New Year's Eve you eat extravagantly, drink copiously, dance and sing, plow shoulder-first into raucousness and debauchery, and then you get a whole day to recover.

Notice what there is not: no gift-giving, no time-consuming decorating or wrapping, no month of repetitive annoying music, no "ceremony," nothing to "believe" in (barring the Gregorian calendar), no performance for grand-ma, no expectations of propriety, no judgment.

It's the perfect holiday.

I've spent the last 48 hours utterly ignoring 2007 (who?) and thinking about 2008 -- the dream that is yet to come. I've got a feeling about 2008: I think it will be a wild, eventful, year. It will be a landmark year. A year we will all remember, and confuse for no other year. It will be filled with tragedy and loss and hope and change. It will suck, it will rule, and it will change our lives. And it is here and now. I'd say "I can't wait," but I'm not waiting. Here we are.

Happy New Year, everyone -- the Year is dead! Long live the Year!

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