Matt Blunt Won't Seek Re-Election, or Bradley's Birthday Comes A Month Early

Woman-hater, child-hater, gay-hater, university-hater, and all-around player-hater Matt Blunt-- Missouri's idiot man-child governor-- will not seek reelection. Blunt, of course, says he looks forward to spending more time with his family. I tend to think there's more to the story. But for the moment, it doesn't really matter. He's gone, which is good for Missouri.

For those of you interested in what Emily and I have had to say about this utter degenerate in the past, go here.

Additional Thoughts (12:35 p.m.)-- Okay, so I didn't look too closely; Emily's post isn't critical of Blunt as much as it is critical of Missouri's legislature. Still. Missouri Republicans suck. Also, it dawned on me as I was telling Emily about Blunt's decision that this might not be the end of him. "I bet he runs for Senate," Emily predicted. I, however, suspect he might be angling to become vice president-- I could very easily see him running with Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney; he'd be Dan Quayle, only younger and less cerebral. I could be wrong, but I'm very much afraid he's going to wind up on the ticket...

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