Just in case there was any doubt

The FAU administration has gotten a little more direct in exactly what will and will not be allowed on the campus during the debate tonight. This is from an email to the university community from the police chief, and no surprise, he's citing security concerns as the reason for this bullshit crackdown.

The University police department is working in conjunction with other local, state and federal agencies to ensre the safety and security of the campus community and guests during the presidential debate on January 24th, 2008. Recognizing the need for an appropriate area for the exercise of free speech and campaigning, the University has designated a Campaign Visibility & Free Speech Area (CVSFA) as announced in the daily Debate Announcements. Ed: If I were wittier, I'd come up with some fancy description that spelled out fascist, but it's the end of the day and I got nothing. The CVSFA is located at the soccer field off Broward Avenue across from the debate venue. This location will provide all attendees with a clear view of the entrance to the debate and the media. Me again--from a long way off, and of course, with no guarantees that either the media or the candidates will look in their direction.

All faculty, staff and students of FAU should conduct their assemly and free speech activities in this area...Violations of these rules by members of the FAU community may result in referral to Human Resources or the Dean of Students, as appropriate, and/or law enforcement action.

For starters, any referral would be inappropriate in a free society, but we're obviously past that. This is a clear warning--make noise, and we'll fuck you up, however we can. If you're a student, expect to be gone. If you're staff, we've got budget cuts to justify getting rid of you. And if you're anything other than tenured faculty, don't test us--and we may take a run at your tenured asses as well, if you piss us off enough.

The last paragraph, by the way, is positively Orwellian.
University police ad outside law enforcement personnel will maintain a presence in the CVFSA to ensure the safety and security of all participants. We share your enthusiasm in the opportunity to participate in this national debate, and continue to keep your safety and security as our focus. Thank you in advance for your strict cooperation.
In other words, nice arms you got there. Be a shame if they got broken from falling over your protest sign.

Meanwhile, Amy and I expressed ourselves freely on the Davie campus this afternoon, reading poems about the environment. Funny, that whole campus was a free speech zone, just like the Boca one will be tomorrow. When it doesn't matter as much.

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