Jonah Goldberg's Intellectual Dishonesty

It's been fun to watch the people over at Sadly, No! dismantle Goldberg's more florid pieces of prose, but David Neiwert offers a more substantial smackdown over at the American Prospect. You know it's going to be good when you read this:

It might be tempting to throw Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning into those same cloacal backwaters, but there is an essential difference that goes well beyond the likely much broader reach of Goldberg's book, which was inexplicably published by a mainstream house (Doubleday). Most revisionists are actually historians with some credentials, and their theses often hinge on nuances and the interpretation of details.

Goldberg, who has no credentials beyond the right-wing nepotism that has enabled his career as a pundit, has drawn a kind of history in absurdly broad and comically wrongheaded strokes. It is not just history done badly, or mere revisionism. It’s a caricature of reality, like something from a comic-book alternative universe: Bizarro history.

Goldberg is a perfect example of a guy who is so inept that he can't tell how inept he is, and he's been protected from the consequences of said ineptitude by having an influential mother, and because mainstream outlets like the LA Times buy into the idea that he's not vapid. I still can't figure the latter.

Anyway, Neiwert destroys Goldberg's book in a terrifically satisfying way, and works in swipes at Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter along the way--fitting company for the author nicknamed the Doughy Pantload.

Update: Sadly, No! has more on Goldberg's attitudes toward the base of his party. Good stuff.

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