Keep Your Tyrannical, Oppressive Hugs to Yourself, or "We're All Fascists Now"

I've been reading an interview with Jonah Goldberg at Salon in which he argues that fascism is left-wing and not right-wing. The conversation between Goldberg and Alex Koppelman is very interesting and serious, but the following comment struck me as rather funny (I have a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times). Koppelman asks, "Payne also says that a 'fundamental characteristic' of fascism was 'extreme insistence on what is now termed male chauvinism and the tendency to exaggerate the masculine principle in almost every aspect of activity.' How does that fit in with contemporary liberalism, especially Hillary Clinton, who was at one point in the subtitle of your book?" Goldberg responds with:

"[T]he vision of the Huxleyian "Brave New World" future is one where everyone's happy. No one's being oppressed, people are walking around chewing hormonal gum, they're having everything done for them, they're being nannied almost into nonexistence. That's the fascism in Hillary Clinton's vision. It's not the Orwellian stamping on a human face thing, it's hugs and kisses and taking care of boo-boos. It is the nanny state. That is a much more benign dystopia than "1984," but for me at least, it's still a dystopia. An unwanted hug is still as tyrannical or as oppressive -- not as oppressive, but an unwanted hug is still oppressive if you can't escape from it ... [O]ne of the biggest distinctions between what I'm calling liberal fascism ... and classical fascism, is that classical fascism was masculine and violently oppressive and today's liberalism is feminine and not oppressive but smothering with kindness."

Damn those tyrannical, oppressive hugs.

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