It's a Wacky Wednesday With the Incertus Zoo Crew (BOIIIIIIIING!!)

The meme that Hillary Clinton planted someone in her own audience at a Salem, NH rally to disrupt her speech with misogynist chanting spread like wildfire yesterday-- mostly on blogs and messageboards run and frequented by paranoid misogynists, but obviously some more progressive places had posters entertaining conspiracy theories as well.

Michelle Malkin, as you can imagine, was particularly insistent that this was a stunt arranged by the nefarious Hillary Clinton. So it must suck to be Michelle today (even more than usual), as she's had to admit to her loyal army of paste eaters that, in fact, Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with the disruption-- it was a radio show prank.

You know, now feels like a good time to remind everyone that "shock jocks" simply aren't fucking funny. Opie, Anthony, Rich, Toucher, JV, Elvis, Bubba, and everyone else on commercial radio who insists on talking about anything besides weather and traffic updates? Fuck you. You're worthless. You're not funny. You've never been funny. You're ripping off the shtick of a guy (Howard Stern) who wasn't really all that creative to begin with (although I will allow that he was a fucking visionary when it came to putting sexy naked girls on the radio-- 'cause what's more awesome than listening to a naked girl?). You're beyond derivative-- you're a Xerox of a mimeograph. Please, go back to school and learn a useful trade. Like welding. Or pottery. But stay off my radio. I'd rather listen to Rick Astley, Peter Cetera, and Richard Marx cover that Sting, Bryan Adams, and Rod Stewart song than listen to one more "wacky wake-up call" or "let's ask this chick about anal sex" routine.

Don't get me wrong. I don't like shock jocks.

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