Important Things Learned During Tonight's Debate

1) Hollywood people will applaud anything. It must be years of sitting through Billy Crystal-hosted Academy Awards shows, where they're expected to pretend like they're being entertained.

2) Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both feel that Democrats would do a better job of leading the country than Republicans.

3) Wolf Blitzer is dumb.

4) The American people should not be allowed to ask the candidates questions. Seriously. "Why should I vote for you when you've never run a business?" "Why are Mexicans taking jobs away from blacks?" "Don't you think Hollywood produces a lot of smut?" Jesus. By comparison, Wolf Blitzer looked smart.

In all seriousness, I thought the debate was interesting, and impossible to call-- Senator Clinton was probably more consistently impressive, but she can't get around the fact that she voted to authorize the war. And Senator Obama hammered her on it-- pointing out (quite correctly) that it's not just about the past, it's about proving that you'll exercise good judgment in the future. No matter how Clinton tries to explain herself, she can't avoid the fact that she was wrong, wrong, wrong, and everybody knows it.

As many regular readers know, I'm a Barack Obama supporter, mostly because of his consistent anti-war stance, but also because of his work to make higher education more affordable. But Hillary Clinton had a really good night tonight, and I would really like to see that hypothetical Obama-Clinton "dream team" ticket-- with John Edwards appointed to the position of Attorney General. Or Supreme Court Justice. Do you think Congress would go for that?

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