Hey, people--you're not helping.

I've been a member of the crowd over at the Great Orange Satan for a long time, almost since the earliest days of signing up to be a user. I have a 3 digit User ID, if that means anything to you (they're into the six digits now). I was there for the pie fights, for the great Dean Wars (in which i was a participant), and for the rejoicing after the 2006 elections. I've had recommended diaries in the past, and until a few months back, Trusted User status, where I was allowed to troll-rate abusive posters and rate up posters who'd been unfairly treated.

I took it seriously, too. I felt like part of a community. But I knew there would be a time when I would stop writing diaries, when I would stop commenting, when I would pull away because I wouldn't want to deal with the crap. I knew I wouldn't be around for primary season.
And I was right. Here's why. At this precise moment in time, the number two recommended diary is by a supporter of my guy, John Edwards. Should be good news, right? Not really. Because said diarist has compared Clinton and Obama supporters as battered wives, which in turn makes Clinton and Obama abusive spouses. And this is the number two diary on the site right now.

Also on the recommended list: An Obama supporter says Clinton's team is using Rovian tactics in Nevada. This one is a little more polite about it, but the storyline is the same. Of the various candidate diaries on the rec list right now, only one can really be called positive, this one by an Edwards supporter.

Can you figure out why I'm not mixing it up over there right now?

Look, I'm all about being passionate for your candidate. It wasn't very long ago that I was more interested in politics as a sideshow than as something I could be involved in, and now I've been blogging about it for nearly four years. But calling other candidates the equivalent of abusive spouses and their supporters domestic abuse victims is disgusting. And while I may be uncomfortable with the connection between Clinton's campaign and the people suing in Nevada, I'm way more uncomfortable calling that Rovian--remember, Rove is the dirtbag who leaked an undercover CIA operative's name to the press for political advantage. Let's get some perspective here.

Please, be passionate. But don't let that passion overwhelm your better judgment.

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