Good Stuff

"Everyone’s a sucker for a redemptive character arc. That’s why my memoir ends with me being elected President of the Universe, winning eight Nobel Prizes, and solving the Kennedy assassination with the help of my irascible feline sidekick, Mr. Whiskers. Granted, none of that shit actually happened, but hopefully readers will walk away satisfied that I’m not the same asshole I was in Chapter One."

This may mean very little to most of you, but my all-time favorite movie review column comes to an end today, as Nathan Rabin concludes "My Year of Flops," his one year experiment in watching box office failures and reevaluating them. Or at least it seems to come to an end, but you'll have to read more to find out what I mean.

Seriously, if you like movies, or especially if you love to hear about why some movies just suck, you'll love this column. And the news that Rabin has a new memoir coming out is very good indeed-- he has a funny, engaging voice that never fails to entertain.

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