Florida's Property Tax Amendment Passes

I'm actually too mad to blog about this sensibly right now, but Floridians have selfishly voted to save themselves an average of $240 a year by approving a ridiculously ill-concieved plan to amend the state constitution in order to cut property taxes. Granted, the state doesn't raise enough tax revenue to pay for essential services as it is, but fuck it. Who needs cops, firefighters, teachers, libraries, or road crews? $240! That'll buy a top-of-the-line videogame system!

To make matter worse, I predict that tomorrow, I'm going to open the Sun-Sentinel to the opinion page and read some halfwit writing about how terrible the public schools are, or how rampant the gang problem is, or something. But you know what, Florida? You reap what you sow. You don't want to pay taxes, then you don't get services. It's that simple. Quit your bitching.

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