A Convergence of Milestones

Technically, this blog had its four year blogiversary five days ago, but it's just a placeholder post. My first real post was on January 29, a piece on how Republicans were actually the party of the welfare state, at least in terms of federal tax revenues received versus those paid in. That was nearly 2,000 posts ago--this one is post 1,994.

Amy joined me as a co-blogger almost exactly two years ago, when she wrote this piece on February 4, 2006, not long after the funeral for her nephew Payton. I read it to her just now when I was talking about doing this post, and she hadn't remembered it, but she was pleased by it all the same. I'm starting to get the feeling I should traipse through the archives more often. There's some good work in there, I think.

Nine months ago, Bradley and Emily joined the circus here, and our traffic started going up as well. Whether that's due to an increase of the quality and frequency of the writing, or simply having 2 more people hit refresh two dozen times a day is up for debate--I lean toward the former--but we've seen considerable growth since then. Bradley's first post was on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to put hybrids on the streets as cabs. Who knows--maybe Amy and I will catch a glimpse of some of them while we're in NYC for the AWP Conference later this week. Emily's first post was about the shift in rhetoric in the abortion debate, in particular the infantilizing of women.

We will also, this week, probably hit 50,000 visits. I didn't install the sitemeter until about 20 months ago, but I can't begin to describe how mind-boggling those numbers are to me. I know places like Shakesville get that kind of traffic every day, and places like Kos get that in a few hours, but I'm still shocked by the idea that we'll average even a hundred hits a day. That's a bigger audience than I ever even hoped for, and now it happens all the time. And I'm sure the growth will continue with the addition of S.O.S. to the blogging team. I'm looking forward to it.

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