Canuck, Please!

This is weird. Apparently, a Texas District Attorney is under fire for allegedly sending creatively racist emails to his staff:

"Earlier this week a columnist with the Houston Chronicle uncovered an email from Harris County assistant district attorney Mike Trent who, in a congratulatory note to a junior prosecutor, used the word 'Canadians' to describe blacks on a jury.

"Trent wrote of the prosecutor in a 2003 email: "He overcame a subversively good defence [sic] by Matt Hennessey that had some Canadians on the jury feeling sorry for the defendant and forced them to do the right thing."

"Trent's email remained unchallenged by colleagues who received the email, despite there being no actual Canadians on the jury.

"But when Trent's office came under scrutiny this month over an unrelated incident, the email was unearthed, leaving Trent open to accusations of bigotry.

"Those accusations are grounded in allegations that the use of 'Canadians' was in keeping with the definition listed on an online racial slurs database that defines 'Canadian' as a masked replacement for the N-word.

"In his own defence, Trent said he honestly thought there had been Canadians on the jury and did not understand the negative connotation of the word."

You get a lot of juries with significant numbers of Canadians on them down there in Texas, Mike? You know, I almost could have believed that this wasn't about race, until I read that comment. It seems to me that the sensible thing to do would be to claim, "I was using 'Canadian' to mean 'bleeding heart-type.'" That I could kinda see-- I mean, you know Canadians, with their wacky health care for everyone and strict gun control laws. Pinko mounties-- that's what I'm talkin' aboot.

But he didn't say that-- he said, "I thought they really were Canadians!" Presumably, you know, because they were dressed in hockey uniforms and tukes and spoke in a Newfoundland accent and were drinking Molson and eating Kraft dinner and they kept receiving affordable health care as they needed it.

As they say in Quebec, le sigh...

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