Anxiety Dreams

(Or a post on a totally personal subject.)

I haven't had an anxiety dream about school in several years. They would happen occasionally in graduate school, but those dreams would always be about a class I was actually in. For example, I once dreamed that my professor ripped my seminar paper to shreds and told me I couldn't do graduate work. This came a few days before I met with her and a peer review group. That makes sense in terms of focused anxiety. (She didn't actually tell me I couldn't do graduate work. She did, however, tell me to completely reorganize a 20 page paper and fix my topic sentences.)

Last night, however, I had a dream about being in a class. I think it was some sort of general science class -- but I'm not totally sure because it took place in the room that was the writing lab at my undergrad institution (converted back to a classroom), with the guy I took American history from, and I had a political science book with me. Anyway, I hadn't done any sort of reading. I figured I would be okay, since the quizzes were usually only a couple of questions.

But this time, I had an enormous quiz, with lots of explanations about lots of different things that I had to do. The class was also passing around several sign-up sheets for things, including a sign-up sheet where we had to name stars in different constellations in order to make our presentation preference known (I don't know. It's a dream. It doesn't have to make sense). The various sign-up sheets all landed on my desk at about the same time, piling up since I couldn't make heads or tales of them. This, of course, added to my anxiety about the class since I was holding things up.

The class ended, I met with Bradley, and we walked through a building that looked like an extended version of the business building complex on our current campus of employment.

But then it turned out to be the Kansas City Airport.

I used to have some recurrent dreams, but lately I don't really remember my dreams (I used to remember them all the time. And they are often very, very weird. This dream is relatively normal. Sometimes I would dream in cartoon. I am not kidding.). I've been getting a lot of sleep over the last couple of days, so I'm remembering things better. Now, though, I seem to be developing these weird school anxiety dreams.

So ... um ... any weird dreams that you've had lately?

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